10 Easily Accessible Video Games to Get Through Quarantine Part 2

This is the second part of our quarantine game list.You can see the first part or download one of the cool apps to your phone with a puzzle game here.

Super Kirby Clash (Switch)

We could define Super Kirby Clash as a “Lite” version of Kirby Star Allies. It’s an adventure game that consists of a huge number of missions that can be played alone or cooperatively – sharing up to four players on the same console – that focus primarily on combat and platforms, just like Star Allies. Of course, as a good free to play game it offers the possibility of micro-payments, but it really isn’t necessary: it offers a virtually unlimited amount of content, it’s fun, and its cooperative mode makes it ideal for sharing with the family. Just like good Nintendo games.

Ori Series (Xbox One)

The Ori series at this point is synonymous with quality. Ori and the Blind Forest and the recent Will of the Wisps are two of the best platform games available today. Not only do they have a brilliant technical section in their favour, with graphics that make them look like a western version of any Studio Ghibli work, but they also have a superlative and absorbing design. Between the two, if you play them quickly and without completing everything, you can get up to 20 hours of top quality gameplay. It’s worth noting: both are available for download as part of the subscription known as the Xbox Game Pass. You can subscribe to try out the Ultimate version for a month (which gives games for PC and Xbox One) for 39 Argentine pesos. A bargain, because you’ll also have a ton more games to enjoy during the quarantine.

The Outer Worlds (Xbox One)

And continuing with the Game Pass, we have The Outer Worlds. It’s true that it was published on PC and PlayStation 4, but on Xbox One and PC is where you can play it without putting in a coin, as long as you are subscribed to the service, of course. The Outer Worlds promised to take it all away last year, but the impression is that it didn’t get the attention it really deserved. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, this first-person action RPG is for many, the spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas. It’s true that the environments are not as large as Fallout’s wastelands, but the fun here is in the deep gameplay options – we can approach the adventure in our own style of play, with a character that responds to those concerns. A full-featured role-playing game, where each pass will take no less than 30 hours to play.

Call of Duty Warzone (Multi)

The Battle Royale is not at its best in terms of popularity, but Call of Duty Warzone is here to lift the spirit of the ailing genre with its phenomenal gameplay. 150 players divided into teams of 3 or individuals, fighting to be the last survivors. It combines the gameplay characteristic of the franchise with new mechanics such as the importance of collecting money in the context of a huge map, full of possibilities. It is free to download on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and best of all, it features Cross-Play: you can play it online with your friends, whatever platform the game is available on.

Fallout Shelter (Multi)

A classic of classics: Fallout Shelter invites us to run our own nuclear shelter, expanding it and adding facilities to attract refugees to live and work for us. It has the charm and humor characteristic of the Fallout series – sometimes a little somber – combined with gameplay that appeals to our sense of strategy and proper resource management. It’s available on PCs and all consoles, as well as most cell phones. Thanks to its time on the market, the version available today has a huge amount of content and improvements, which gives us an unlimited amount of fun.



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