The 5 Best Strategy Games for PC of All Times

These are the best strategy games for PCof all times, 5 games that have marked a before and after in the genre, or that are simply very good and, even though they haven’t reinvented the wheel, they are the ones that help to make a genre full of jewels. Lets go to the Stars! (and check your stars )

StarCraft II

  • Blizzard
  • Year 2010

StarCraft is one of the mythical sagas of PC strategy. In fact, if we ask about a mythical company in the strategy, Blizzard would be one of them, since they have two exponents that helped to define the genre (and to create others, like MOBA) and, besides, they have a lot of presence in electronic sports.

Launched in 2010, StarCraft II is the sequel to StarCraft, a strategy game that bases its approach on three races, all very well differentiated, but at the same time perfectly balanced, that face each other on the battlefield.

The player must gather resources, expand the base and fight, so this is a very classic approach to real-time strategy.

Visually it is spectacular, but it adapts very well to all types of teams, and in addition to a complete competitive multiplayer mode, it has a story mode (one for each race) that is very careful at the narrative level.

StarCraft II is, without a doubt, one of the best strategy games on PC, one of those for which it is worth buying a compatible one to enjoy its exclusives.

Dune 2000

  • Intelligent Games / Westwood Studios
  • Year 1998

Command and Conquer 95 fans who missed that style of real-time strategy were in luck in 1998, as Intelligent Games and Westwood (the creators of C&C) launched what remains one of the best real-time strategy games for PCs.

Dune 2000 is basically Command and Conquer, like the original, but with a more refined game system, better graphics and, above all, a more powerful thread than Westwood’s other real-time strategy game series.

It’s a real gem that’s not outdated at all. Dune 2000 is well worth recovering, so do us a favour and play this gem.

Warcraft III

  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Year 2002

New game from Blizzard, so you can guess what we’re going to find. This is the third installment of the Warcraft saga (as mythical as Dune, Command and Conquer or Age of Empires), and in this installment, besides the 3D engine, we had the opportunity to play with the heroes.

That is, it is a game in which we must collect and build in order to create troops, but in each mission there is a hero, or series of heroes, that allow us to go crazy for the enemies, since these heroes evolve and flirt with the RPG by being able to obtain and equip items and use skills.

It has many races and a campaign for each one of them and, although the important thing is this campaign, to be able to enjoy the story, it has an online mode. Without a doubt, it is one of the best PC strategy games and, along with its expansion The Frozen Throne, a huge experience.

Many of us are still waiting for the announcement of Warcraft IV, which will have to come sooner or later…

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III

  • Relic Entertainment
  • Year 2017

Warhammer’s Dawn of War saga is very popular with PC players. It’s a saga that, during the years when StarCraft didn’t have games, or directly between expansions, filled that gap. And it didn’t do too badly, I might add.

The third installment of the saga, launched in 2017, is the culmination of the franchise. Everything points to the fact that there will be no Dawn of War IV, as the game didn’t meet sales expectations, and that’s a fatal mistake for a big company like SEGA.

However, lovers of real-time strategy will find a great game in the three installments of the saga. There’s base building, resource management, heroes, very different units and lots of spectacular action.

The story, just like in StarCraft, is very, very important, so it’s worth starting from the first one. It’s definitely one of the best real-time strategy games, and you don’t have to know Warhammer to enjoy it.

Age of Empires II HD

  • Ensemble Studios
  • Year 2013

We arrive at one of the bastions of PC strategy, a mythical game where there are many, which created a school and is still very popular among many PC users.

The Age of Empires saga, although not in its best moment, is one that helped define the genre of real-time strategy, and in this HD edition we’re going to find the best of the genre.

Building bases, obtaining resources, population control and creating units to fight are the basis of a saga, and of this game, which allows us to enjoy 18 civilizations, each with its unique units.

This HD edition features the original game, The Age of Kings, as well as the expansion The Conquerors. Each game has multiple single-player campaigns, but we also have free play in skirmishes or online, very, very fun.

It’s an old game, but one that won’t go away for years, and if you have a PC, it’s a title to try, as it’s one of the best PC strategy games of all time.

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